As finals quickly approach, the number of instas with the caption “things id rather be doing than studying for finals” are increasing, and all LI college kids are daydreaming about these top 10 reasons why summer on LI is the best.

1.  Sleeping in

This is especially great for those of you who drag yourselves out of bed to get to 8ams. Or 9ams. Or 10ams. Basically, we just can’t wait to sleep in until noon or later.Image result for kim k sleeping gif2. No more classes or exams

Not only can we sleep in over the summer, we don’t have to worry about attending class, doing homework, or studying for exams. A+ for all y’all. Maybe you’ll take one bs class at Suffolk or Nassau CC, but will you even try to get above a C? Definitely not.

Image result for hsm summer gif3. Home Friends

I’m talking about the peeps who attended your brothers Bat Mitzvah and were in your Sweet 16 Court. The true homies. The day ones. The friend’s you’ll practically be living with all summer.Image result for friends hug gif

4. The Food

Say adios to mystery dining hall meats and waiting in line for the omelette station, and say hello to bagels, REAL pizza, and your mom’s home cooked meals.Image result for pizza gif

5. Carnivals/Amusement Parks

Is it even summer if you don’t ride Kingda Ka at least once? The answer is no. New Jersey might smell, but at least they have six flags.Image result for kingda ka gif

6. Traveling

Not that you even need to leave our perfect little island, but if you wanted to, Summer is the time.

7. Outdoor Activities

Hiking, kayaking, biking, tanning, cliff jumping, swimming.. Shall I go on?

8. Summer Job Money

Whether you’re a lifeguard, Ralphs Italian Ice scooper, or a seasonal Abercrombie worker, it’s always nice to have some extra cash.

9. Festivals/Concerts

Outdoor venues like Jones Beach and Pennysaver Ampitheater offer a range of amazing concerts and music festivals from country to rap.Image result for jones beach theater

10. The Beach

The beach is arguably the best part of spending a summer on LI. No matter where are you, there’s a beach at least 20 minutes away.Image result for long island beach