College classes are stressful from the very beginning to the end. It all starts with class registration- fighting for the perfect schedule with the perfect professor. It continues into the textbook buying process, where you can’t be bothered to find the cheapest price but struggle to save money for pizza and beer. And then there’s the actual struggle of the class itself. We can’t actually guarantee you an A but we can suggest a few tips to help you excel in your classes.

1. Rate My Professor

Finding the perfect professor is the best way to master your class before the semester even begins. Rate My Professor gives students the option to research thousands of professors at universities across the country. Get real feedback from past students and find the professor that fits your needs, whether it be an easy A, no attendance policy or class participation.

2.  BookBandit

After you’ve found the perfect professor the next step is to find the best textbook deals. We understand the last thing college students want to do is spend hours searching for the cheapest textbooks, that’s why we created BookBandit. Visit our App or  website and simply type in the textbook ISBN or name to find the cheapest textbooks across multiple reputable vendors.

3. Course Hero

Course Hero is a great way to help you master a class. Search through millions of study resources or receive 24/7 homework assistance. Course Hero helps you find study notes and material from students at your campus and it even lets you upload your past course material for cash!

4. OneNote

If you take notes on multiple devices, OneNote is the best thing for you. OneNote helps you sync your notes on all devices, including EverNote. Most of college kids take notes on laptops, OneNote helps you keep track of your notes no matter where you are.  

5. Quizlet

If you haven’t used Quizlet, you’re missing out. Quizlet allows you to make study sets for your classes, where you can learn, test and practice your knowledge. The best part of Quizlet is you can look up study sets from other users. So if you’re ever too busy to make your own, you can look for someone else’s.

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We understand college is stressful and the goal at BookBandit is to make your life easier, supplying you with the cheapest textbooks in the most convenient manner. We want to continue helping you throughout your college experience, past the purchase of textbooks. Let us know how our tips helped you build make your class experience more manageable. In the meantime, stay tuned for our next installment of our College Pain Point series.