This week you have a million different assignments due, 2 exams, a group project and a presentation but somehow you’re still 4-hours deep into your Netflix binge. You keep telling yourself things like, “if I had more time” or “I never have enough time”, etc. Time management can be the most difficult thing for college students to master. To some it comes naturally but to most it’s a struggle. But there’s always room for improvement, even with a few weeks left in your semester. We have a few tips to help your maximize your time, without having to sacrifice your Saturday.

1. Keep a planner

A planner can be your biggest life saver in college. Using a planner daily takes away from the surprise that you have an exam the next day or that an assignment is due at midnight. Be sure to write down every assignment, meeting and event. Highlight important things and cross off the tasks you’ve completed.  

Tip: Mark an assignment as due the day prior to complete it on time with still having room just in case something comes up.

2. Make a Routine

If you’re someone who doesn’t seem to have enough hours in the day, you’re not alone. It can be hard to workout, study or have a social life. Creating a routine can be the best way to balance your busy week while still having time to do things for yourself.

Start with what’s most important to you; allocate the most time to that task while leaving room for the rest. Knowing that you’re going to workout at the same time on MWF can help you pinpoint how much time you have to study or grab dinner with friends. 

3. Set realistic expectations

You already have a busy schedule, don’t make it tougher on yourself by setting expectations that are going to be difficult to accomplish. If you know that there’s no way you’re finishing 2 papers and reading chapters 2 & 3 before going out, then don’t expect yourself to finish it. Instead set small expectations, like writing one paper and reading half a chapter.

Tip: Take small breaks in between studying and coursework. No not a 15 minute break every 5 minutes, more like a quick walk around the library every 45 minutes. 

4. Tackle assignments sooner than later

Starting assignments help you finish assignments sooner? No way!

I know this is common sense, but honestly, when was the last time you started an assignment prior to 48 hours before the deadline?

5. Keep up with notes and homework

The best way to keep up with notes and homework is to go to class. Sometimes that’s easier said than done. Find a buddy in class to get class notes. Our best advice is to write notes the day of the class so you don’t fall behind.

6. Limit viewing time

Netflix unfortunately isn’t a major or a class. The amount of time you spend streaming videos honestly should count for credit, but it doesn’t. Try focusing on your coursework first and then reward yourself with an episode or 2.

It’s difficult but doable. Try leaving viewing time for before bed or for the weekend.

7. Don’t over sleep

Quit hitting snooze. Get a great start to your day and be productive. Eat a good breakfast and start some of that economics homework.

8. Google Calendar

We swear by google calendar. I’m not even sure how anyone did anything productive before google existed. Google Calendar helps you prioritize your tasks, manage all your upcoming responsibilities and set reminders. Google Calendar also allows you to set times for meetings with fellow classmates or schedule meetings with professors or future employers.
We understand college is stressful and the goal at BookBandit is to make your life easier, supplying you with the cheapest textbooks in the most convenient manner. We want to continue helping you throughout your college experience, past the purchase of textbooks. Let us know how our tips helped you build your time management skills. In the meantime, stay tuned for our next installment of our College Pain Point series.

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