The month of March is a precursor to one of the greatest Holidays, St. Patrick’s Day. Every year millions celebrate the patron saint of Ireland with kegs, eggs and green bagels. College students are in a league of their own, taking the festivities to a different level. We compiled a list of the top party schools on the east to celebrate the Day of the Irish. Did your school make the list?

1. University of Delaware

UD is known as the Home of the Dage, and St. Patrick’s Day is a day that showcases their traditions . Festivities begin at 9am with bagels and Andre, which carries on into the late hours of the night. College students from all over the east coast flock to Delaware to visit friends to get a piece of the action.

2. Binghamton

The best way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day is with beer and parades. Thousands of drunk college students line the streets of downtown Binghamton to celebrate the holiday. The festivities get so crazy the University planned their spring break around the holiday to try and contain the party.  

3. SUNY Albany

The Kegs and Eggs celebration at Albany is one we highly suggest you experience. Every March the Great Danes throw one of the best Keg and Eggs parties. Chances are if you’re from the East Coast you know at least 1 kid that goes to Albany. Downtown Albany is crowded with college kids looking to get lucky 

4. Penn State University

State Patty’s Day. If you’ve never heard of it, you probably live under a rock. PSU goes hard during St. Patrick’s Day. Campus is crawling with drunk students dressed in green and ready to party. We suggest reconnecting with that one kid from high school who goes to PSU, this is a party not to miss.