Written By Morgan Busch

A migration of college students are heading south this month to the sandy beaches of Florida, Mexico and the Caribbean to keep warm after the cold nights spent in the library. Spring Break is finally here, and we’re all ready to party it up.

So you have a problem. You want to head to down to Cancun for spring break but you’re spring broke. You’re the epitome of a college student, eating ramen and using your laundry money for beer. So how can you hit the beach without breaking the bank? BookBandit compiled a few Spring break saving tips to help you save money.

1. Save Your Change

We all hate getting change when we use cash. Nothing is more annoying than loose coins in your pocket. Usually it ends up on the floor of your car, in your couch or at the bottom of your book bag. Time to bring back the days of the piggy bank. Technically you don’t need an actual piggy bank but if that’s what you prefer, no judgement here.

Start throwing your change into a jar. When the jar is full take it to your local bank to be cashed; instead of receiving cash ask the tender to place the money in your savings. If you’re an avid cash spender you can rack up a few bucks in no time.


2. Start Using Cash

Keep $20 dollars on you at all times and nothing more. Carrying around credit or debit cards is the quickest way to wake up in the morning with $3.31 in your account and a bar tab you swear you didn’t charge.

We use apps like Uber and Venmo that have our card information already pre-loaded, which helps limit the need to carry around our cards. Keeping your transactions cash based will decrease the amount you spend and make your purchases more transparent. Warning, this will make you feel guilty about how much you spend on pizza and booze.


3. Stop Eating Out

Chipotle, Pizza, Wings oh my. Eating out is convenient but expensive. Students spend on average $8-10 on one meal. That’s at least $100 a week on food. Limiting the number of times you eat out a week could save you hundreds a month.

Meal prepping or easy-to-make meals are a great way to have meals during a busy college schedule.


PS we’re not certified personal trainers but this tip may also get your dad bod looking like a spring break bod

4. Set a Budget

You’re balling on a budget, so why don’t you have an actual budget? You can stretch that money in your bank account longer if you create a realistic budget and stick to it. Estimate how much you eat out and how much you spend on drinks. If you know you’re going to be hitting the bar more frequently this week choose to eat at home. If your weekly budget is $100 try to stay under that threshold. Any money left over should go to savings, any money gone over gets taken out of your next week’s beer funds.


5. Travel Websites

Our last tip is using a travel website like CheapCaribbean or WoTaBu. These sites help you find the cheapest deals for your spring break destination. Bandits on our team booked all inclusive spring break packages through these sites!

SPRAaaaNG BREAK is calling your name.