Ever wonder what the best apps are for college students like yourselves? We spent countless hours surfing the web to find what could benefit you the most. Here’s what we came up with.  Please note, these are not in any particular order.

Evernote– This app is a very useful tool for organization. Make to-do lists, set reminders, take notes, and have it all in one location. Even better, you can share your notes across all your devices & tablets.   Perfect for students and workers alike.

Easybib– After hours of typing your paper, the finishing touch is citing the sources. Creating a work sited page is more of a hassle then writing the report itself. Easybib is your savior.  You plug in the links to the sources you used, and Easybib generates a beautifully formatted work cited page.

BookBandit– The kingpin of the book industry. An app that guarantees to find some of the lowest prices on any book or textbook. BookBandit compares dozens of company’s prices, so you don’t have to spend time searching to find the best deals on the market.  Order from BookBandit and get ready to read without any worry of damaging your wallet.

BenchPrep– The app for post graduation.  Trying to be a lawyer or doctor? Benchprep offers test prep courses for GRE, GMAT, and the LSAT. Benchprep comes with practice exams, flashcards, study plans and more.

DragonDiction– A voice recognition app that claims to be up to 5x faster than typing on your keyboard. No more texting & driving. Send messages, e-mails, and update your social media all with just the sound of your soothing voice.

LinkedIn– “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. LinkedIn is the #1 platform for networking; an absolute must have in college. Connect with professors, colleagues, and future employers in a professional atmosphere.  It’s amazing what a simple connection can lead to.

WolframAlpha– I always referred to Wolfram as the mother-load of everything that is high school math. Stuck with Stat 2 problems? Type in equations and watch them be solved in seconds right before your eyes. Don’t stop there though, Wolfram Alpha extends far beyond just being a math genius.

Grubhub– A lazy man’s best friend. Grubhub delivers you food from your local area from many places that simply don’t deliver. This app opens up a whole new realm of possibility for those looking to eat without moving a muscle. Ordering food made simple & easy.

Tinder–  The ultimate, let’s say for the sake of professionalism…”hooking-up”, app for college students. You can match and connect with local romances in your area. Be sure to keep your bio fresh and your pictures sharp to guarantee those right swipes.