It’s time to wake up from that Thanksgiving food coma, college kids! No time can be wasted as we’re on the fast track to the seemingly impossible struggle that is finals week. Whether you attend one of the biggest state schools out there, or the smallest private liberal arts school you can find, you’ll most certainly agree that finals week is never something to look forward to. With all that being said, you WILL make it through and will live to see another string of classes to stress over (unless you’re one of the unfortunate souls who will be graduating and leaving college). The BookBandit team has put together this mini survival guide to help you endure the struggle.

STUDY EARLY. The simplest of all the tips we can possibly give. If you couldn’t already tell from the opening paragraph, time is against you. Now of course that isn’t reason to panic and in fact panicking is the last thing you should possibly do. Instead, take all this time you still have and at least put a dent in your studying. Brush up on those topics you haven’t even considered since September. Start reviewing previous exams. Read your textbook. Just do any study habit that works for you and do it now before it is too late.

TIME MANAGEMENT. Loaded with finals? So are we.  You have to balance your time out and focus on one subject at a time.  If you are consumed and put your full focus on how much you have to do, you will get nothing done! We recommend setting time frames to focus on each subject.  A helpful app to do this is Google Calendar.

GO TO REVIEW SESSIONS. So many times I’ve gone to review sessions and professors have given special “hints” on what may be on the exam or even given an entire outline of every topic that will be on there. Now don’t you think it’d be beneficial to know what’s on the final before you even show up for it?

ONECLASS. The ultimate place to find study guides and notes.  The best part is, if you create your own study guide or have extremely detailed notes, you can sell them to the website! It’s a must if you are a procrastinator who studies the day before an exam. Even better for those who don’t attend the lectures.  Here is the link.

SET GOALS. If you don’t know exactly what you’re trying to achieve how can you be sure you’ll ever achieve it? Set yourself some goals and deadlines to check where you’re at and that should be some extra motivation to get the job done well.

YOUTUBE. No, don’t go watching videos of cute kittens…ok maybe just a couple. But when you’re done with that watch youtube videos of topics you need to study. Maybe your professor may not have made the topic clear for you but someone else certainly can so it can’t hurt to try. Here’s an example.

CLEAN YOUR ROOM. Procrastination will rear it’s ugly head, I promise. Tasks (like cleaning your room) that you would typically dread will seem magical compared to studying, so take advantage of it, declutter your area, and watch that stress decline.

BE WITH FRIENDS. I know whenever I study alone I have much shorter sessions than when I study with friends. Now of course part of this is due to less distractions, but even still, studying with your friends can make an otherwise brutal task into a fun, productive one.

QUIZLET. Whether it is finals week or not this site will save you. Make your own quizzes and guides, use those already made by your peers, and reap the benefits, rewards, and success. Check it out an example Quizlet guide here.

HAVE FUN. The worst thing you can do for finals week is stress yourself out. Locking yourself in the library for 48 hours isn’t the answer and will lead to burnout, so get out of the library (when you have time for a good break) and go have some fun and relax.

WORKOUT. Quite possibly the ultimate stress reliever. Take all that frustration and stress and use it to hit the gym and better yourself. Don’t be afraid to bring notes or a book too in case you’re doing cardio on a machine and can multitask.

LET IT OUT. When all else fails and the stress hits a peak level it may be best to just let all the emotion out. Find some space alone and just yell, call your mom and vent, whatever. Just make sure your method calms down the anxiety and gets you level-headed again.