The feast is right around the corner boys & girls. Thanksgiving Thursday is coming back for all of us to experience it’s food coma glory. As tradition holds, however, this holiday requires a full family experience, and for many of us that family may not be nearby. If this sounds like your struggle then be sure to keep reading on for discussion on travel methods.

–Airplane: Perfect for long distances, but very expensive. The quickest method of travel, but a real hassle to deal with the airport, security, customs, etc. Typically roomy and comfortable but still requires that extra travel to and from the airport. Also, it’s worth noting that in time for Thanksgiving the price of an airplane ticket grows significantly as the airlines capitalize off of increased demand for the holiday. A good service to use if you’re considering this option is Wotabu. We have the direct link to the friends & family holiday discount- which means you will get your flight ticket at a fraction of the price. Wotabu beats Travelocity, Kayak and Expedia by a long shot when it comes to their pricing.


–Train: A very solid alternative to the airplane that’s been around for quite some time now. Beneficial in the sense that it’ll get you from point A to point B without traffic and usually timed very close to a strict schedule so you’ll know exactly when you’ll be departing and arriving. The price of the train, though, may be significantly cheaper than the airline ticket may be, but it also may still be quite an expensive journey, especially if traveling long distances and/or on the Amtrak. Also still doesn’t solve the issue of having to get to and from the train station, on top of the train ride itself. To find train tickets, check out Amtrak has a deals for students and the upcoming holidays.  You can save 15% on all Amtrak tickets with a Student Advantage Card.  It’s $20 to purchase, but may be worth the investment. 


–Bus: More times than not the cheapest of options. You’ll save a lot of money of the ticket itself, as well as the fact that you won’t be wasting gas and contributing to wear & tear on your car. This option certainly isn’t devoid of issues, though. On the bus you’re still subject to any and all traffic that may be out there on the roads in front of you. The bus may not be the most comfortable of options either. It’s very possible (and I’d go as far to say it’s pretty likely) that you end up sitting next to some gross, smelly, human being that has no regard for personal space. There’s just something about the bus that seems to attract these people, so tread carefully. All in all, a plausible option when on a budget. Looking for bus tickets?  The Bandit found a student discount for the Megabus, which can be found here



–Ride service: One of the biggest growing industries in recent years… ride sharing has taken over. While maximum utility is obtained from going relatively short distances with these services, it is certainly an option to go medium and long distances as well. There are plenty of safety measures in place and meeting drivers is typically a very pleasant and enjoyable experience. Be sure to check out Uber and Lyft for good ride sharing opportunities.  Lyft has a promo code “FIRSTRIDEFREE” which validates up to $50. 


–Car: The most independent of all the options, because when all else fails just do it yourself right? Well…maybe not.  The fact that you actually have to do the driving, you get yourself from point A to B. On top of that you have to factor the cost of gas and the potential of the immeasurable frustration of being stuck in a traffic jam. On the bright side, the benefits of driving your own set of wheels to your desired destination are clear. There’s the certain comfort of your own car, and the sense of being powerful and in control.  Control includes your choice of music, or if you want to be productive you can listen to a Podcast.  For a recommendation, The Bandit enjoys the podcast “The #AskGaryVee Show”.  He has no filter- which give his you a laugh, yet keeps the listener engaged.  Gary’s overall message in each episode is pure genius.

If you don’t have a car and want to rent, ZipCar is a pretty reasonable renting service. ZipCar currently has a promotion which could save you 50% off the “Occasional Driving Plan”.  Making multiple trips home other then holidays- renting may not be a bad route to take.  If you can, The Bandit recommends to rent his favorite type of car, a “Furrari”.  May not be the most economical choice, but definitely the most “practical”–if you want to have a fast & fun ride home.


No matter what route you choose,  get home safe & enjoy the holiday with your family!

Yours Truly,                                                                                                                                                   The Bandit