Originally proposed by Shakespeare (you can fact check me on that), “To Shave or Not to Shave” is one of November’s most essential questions. If you’re one of those guys that just can’t grow any facial hair, or you just aren’t at that point in your life yet then I guess this question doesn’t mean much to you. But to the rest of us guys, this polarizing question should always result in the answer “Not to Shave” in this 11th month of our calendar year.

The phenomenon of No Shave November (also known as Movember) was initially created by a group of guys looking to raise awareness for prostate cancer and depression in men. Years later and Movember is a full blown tradition for young and old lads alike. I applaud the guys who originally thought of this idea. Being able to be lazy and let my facial forest grow out while having it all for a good cause is the stuff dreams are made of.

Now, today’s world is all about expressing yourself and you may wonder how you can do that when every single guy you know is also rocking a scruffy man beard. I’m here to highlight some of the best beards to grow this November to make your beard more than just a lot of hair.

chinstrap 1. The Chinstrap. A very self-explanatory beard to start off the list here. Just a nice thin line connecting both sideburns through the chin. Clean, stylish, easy to maintain, and an all around smart pick for a conservative, but forward facial hair structure.

goatee2.The Goatee. A legendary beard that will go down in history as one of the best (or worst depending on your opinion). This classic choice involves hair on the chin and upper lip (optional) but not the cheeks. Famous men from Kurt Cobain all the way to Guy Fieri have shown the goatee style and brought it to the forefront for all eyes to see.

imperial3. The Imperial. A beard of talent & class. A combination of a sleek, stylish handlebar moustache and a simple downward pointing patch on the chin. As made most famous by the hacking group Anonymous and their mask logo. Blessed be the guys who are capable of pulling off a legitimate handlebar, I know I certainly couldn’t. This is a style for guys who really want to make a statement.

muttonchops4. Mutton Chops. Ever wanted to look like Wolverine? Well chances are growing out mutton chops will just make you look like a ridiculous moron, but if you look like Hugh Jackman and are ripped then this is certainly the facial hair for you. Let those sideburns grow and grow like you’ve never before considered possible, but whatever you do–DO NOT let those things meet in the middle, no chin hair whatsoever. Mutton Chops are another style designed for making a big statement, just be sure its the statement you really want to make before you grow these bad boys out.neard

5. The Neard. Ever wanted to look like you’re infinitely stuck in the middle of puberty? Ever wanted the exact opposite of a clean look? The neard is the style for you. You know you’ve pulled off the neard when the hairs on your neck exceed those on your face (which preferably should have none). Not recommended for style, but recommended for those who just aren’t privileged enough to grow anything else.lumberjack

6. The Lumberjack. No rules. No regulations. Just beard. And a lot of it. If you throw on a flannel and some jeans and look like you’ve spent the last 14 years living in a forest cutting down humongous trees then you’re doing it right. This beard is no joke. Hell, I’d even call it the beard of all beards. This thing puts shame to all the other weak beards out there. It encompasses all other styles into it’s massive existence. It’s a force to be reckoned with.

A beard is more than just a collection of hairs, it has soul and heart. Whether you have some scruff because you’re too lazy to shave or you’ve been working on perfecting your facial hair for years, beards are meant to be respected. Don’t forget that this November, guys. Let it grow and let it show, be proud!