I know the struggle, guys. You’ve been putting off figuring out your Halloween costume because its “still so far away.” Next thing you know “so far away” is 2 days and its certainly too late to order anything. I think we’ve all been there.

Alas, this is my attempt at saving the day. I’m compiling a list of easy halloween costume ideas that even the least creative of guys could throw together and survive Halloween.

  1. Clark Kent. How to make this costume? Have a suit, a Superman T-shirt, and a fake pair of glasses (or real if that’s an option for you). It’s that simple. I know I’m guilty of making the call to be Clark Kent as late as the actual day of Halloween. Bonus–Long shirt and pants will keep you warm on your treks to the best parties your campus can offer. Double bonus–girls will really appreciate the half-suit.
  2. Bouncer. Just gonna stick with the suit theme here. Full black suit, black shirt, sunglasses, and an optional earpiece. Very easy to pull off however for this one it definitely helps if you’re a bigger guy.
  3. Tourist. I’m sure when you read tourist a distinct image popped into your head and it certainly can’t be very hard to replicate. I know for me that image is a fanny pack, a polo, and some cargo shorts (if you can live with yourself for doing that). Best part of this costume? Its ever-changing, with each person you talk to you can be visiting a different location.
  4. Macklemore. Find your local Goodwill and get yourself the cheapest, ugliest mass of fur (real or fake) coat you can find. Throw that thing on along with a pair of fake Ray-Ban style sunglasses and its over. You are officially that guy that did “Thrift Shop” using clothes from a “Thrift Shop.” This costume idea just writes itself.
  5. Walter White. There’s a couple ways you can go with this costume but I think the easiest one only involves only a button-down shirt, a pair of tighty-whities, and some glasses. This of course is only for guys that are pretty ballsy (literally).
  6. Fonzie. Pull out that leather jacket we all know you have and grease up that hair. I guess this one is only easy for the guys that actually have a leather jacket, so if you don’t there’s all the previous ideas in here.

So there you have it–6 costume ideas for all the guys that have been putting this off for quite some time now. Just make sure you know what your friends are going as because chances are they haven’t thought about their costumes yet either and you don’t want to show up in matching costumes.