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10 Reasons All LI College Kids are Looking Forward to Summer 2k17

As finals quickly approach, the number of instas with the caption "things id rather be doing than studying for finals" are increasing, and all LI college kids are daydreaming about these top 10 reasons why summer on LI is the... Continue Reading →

Tips to Help Get You An A: College Edition

College classes are stressful from the very beginning to the end. It all starts with class registration- fighting for the perfect schedule with the perfect professor. It continues into the textbook buying process, where you can’t be bothered to find... Continue Reading →

Tips for Mastering Time Management- College Edition

This week you have a million different assignments due, 2 exams, a group project and a presentation but somehow you’re still 4-hours deep into your Netflix binge. You keep telling yourself things like, “if I had more time” or “I... Continue Reading →

5 Steps to Getting a Summer Bod

The final countdown has begun. The Spring semester is almost over and as the weather gets warmer, our pants get shorter. Dad Bod’s may have been all the rage but that confidence quickly turns to guilt when you hit the... Continue Reading →

Top 4 East Coast Colleges for St. Patricks Day 🍀

The month of March is a precursor to one of the greatest Holidays, St. Patrick’s Day. Every year millions celebrate the patron saint of Ireland with kegs, eggs and green bagels. College students are in a league of their own,... Continue Reading →

Written By Morgan Busch A migration of college students are heading south this month to the sandy beaches of Florida, Mexico and the Caribbean to keep warm after the cold nights spent in the library. Spring Break is finally here,... Continue Reading →

Top 9 Apps For College Students

Ever wonder what the best apps are for college students like yourselves? We spent countless hours surfing the web to find what could benefit you the most. Here's what we came up with.  Please note, these are not in any particular... Continue Reading →

Finals Survival Guide

It's time to wake up from that Thanksgiving food coma, college kids! No time can be wasted as we're on the fast track to the seemingly impossible struggle that is finals week. Whether you attend one of the biggest state... Continue Reading →

GET OFF OF FACEBOOK-Here Are Some Fun Thanksgiving Activities

Turkey, gravy, potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, you name it. For many people, Thanksgiving is the best holiday strictly because of the gluttonous frenzy that causes the deepest of food comas for all ages. How many other times are encouraged to... Continue Reading →

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